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​Like my favourite noodle company would put it ‘you like no other’ and some Africans would say ‘after you na you’. You are different, special and unique in your own way. Yes you have flaws but you’re still fabulous. Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe that you’re nothing and you’re empty inside. There’s so much about you that you need to know and keep in mind. Yes there would be times when people would tell you that you’re ‘good for nothing’ ’empty’ ‘worthless’ etc. Don’t let those words stay in your mind cause they are not you and you are not them.  You’re God’s own purchased special person. You weren’t made as a mistake because God doesn’t make mistakes. You were specially made by God. I’m going to tell you 18 beautiful things about you that you need to know or you need to be reminded of.



1. You Are Special 



You’re not just any kind of person. You’re ‘you’ and not someone else. You’re unique and rare.



2. You Are gifted


You weren’t brought into this world as an empty person. You’ve been endowed with so much. There are a lot of things you have that others do not have. You’ve been stuffed with so much abilities and talents. You have so much to give.



3. You Are powerful 


The things that you are made of, the things you’re capable of, the things you do, make you powerful. Your are powerful mentally, spiritually, financially and in other areas of your life. The words you speak are full of power and you have the ability to cause changes because of the power inside of you. Nothing can hold you down except you give it a chance. You have all the power you need to do anything. 



4. You Are Light


Your presence makes darkness hide. You’re light because what you have inside of you is so much and all you can do is shine brightly with them. It’s your duty to shine because you’re light. You can’t stay in the dark because it’s not you. You’re ‘you’ when you shine.



5. You Are Amazing


The things you do and the way you do them, the words you speak and the way you say them, are a wonder. No one can do the things you do like you. 



6.  You Are The Best 


Don’t ever believe that in the midst of people, you’re the least. If you’re among great people, you’re the greatest. If you’re among wise people, you’re the wisest, if you’re among creative people, you’re the most creative. What others can do, you can do better. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by other people’s abilities and successes. Train yourself to do better everyday. You’re in competition with no one but yourself. ‘ If you believe you are, then you are’. 



7. You Are Royalty


Treat yourself like a royal because you’re royal. Treat yourself with worth and value. Don’t do things that would put a drop in your significance. You’re not a mediocre. You’re not a peasant. You’re a king/queen, treat yourself like one. 




8. You Are precious 


You’re more precious than Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones on earth. You’re greatly valued and you’re full of so much admirable qualities.



9. You Can Do Anything 


You only stop achieving  when you say ‘you cannot’ . You can take up any course, go into any field, be what you want to be when you believe that you ‘can’ . You have the power to ‘Do’. There’s nothing too hard, no stone to hard to crush, nothing too big that you can’t do. You can make everything workout. You can do anything and everything.



10. You Are What The World Needs


There’s a world at your fingertips and you’ve got the power to take it. You’re the solution to the world’s cry. The world needs you because you have so much inside of you. You’re not in this world as a statue, you’re in it to do mighty things. You’re everything the world needs to be a better place. You’re the answer to the cry of many. The world needs you. 



11. You Can’t Be Stopped


We’ve all been set on a course that we must follow and once we begin the course, there ain’t no stopping us. Once you set out to do what you’ve been called to do, don’t be scared because nothing can stop you. Whatever is holding you back is only temporary. Get back on your feet because stopping is not an option and it’s not something that can happen to you. 



12. You Are A Fighter


You’re a fighter because you can hold on to anything. You’re not a fighter with guns, you’re a fighter with determination and focus. Allow the good to keep you going. Pay no attention to all the fiery darts that life keeps throwing at you. Fight the fight and never give up. 



13. You Are Strong

You have the strength that is greater than average and you can’t be defeated by anything. You’re firm, sure and stable. You cannot be tampered with, because you were made solidly. Nothing can bring you down. You’re immune to defeat. You’re great and higher than average. 



14. You Are Extraordinary 


You’re exceptional and far from ordinary. You’re not on a normal level. The things you do and your abilities  are remarkable and beyond human comprehension. You’re rare and above usual. 



15. You Are A Multitude 

Like my friend – Talle, would say – ‘ I’m a multitude and not an individual ‘ simply because he has the ability of more than one person and he can do what several persons combined, can do. You’re like 7 persons in 1 . You have the strength, wisdom, knowledge and power of several other persons. You’re too gifted to be called ‘a person’. You’re so heavenly mighty! 



16. You Are Full Of Potential


There’s so much you can do and you know that. You can produce something out of nothing and make anything look good. There’s so much inside of you that needs to be discovered and brought to reality because you’re rich and you’re powerful beyond measure.



17. You Are An Empire


Yes and oh yes, you’re an empire. You’re not just anything and your body is not just any building. You’re an empire that was built out of greatness and authority birthed from a supreme kind of uniqueness. Know this and keep being this. 



18. You’re The Last Of Your Kind

There’ won’t be anybody made after you that can do the things you do the way you do them or even live like you. After you, there’s no one else. Live like you’re the only one that has what to give. Live like you’re the only one that can do what you do. There’s no one as great and powerful as you are. Let the world know that it needs just you and no one else. If you’ve been called to inspire, do well to inspire, if  you’ve been called to impact knowledge, go ahead and do it. Whatever you have to do, do it, because only you can and there won’t be anyone else like you!



Just in case at any point in your life,  you forgot who you really are… I hope you remember now. You’re all these and more. What’s required of you is to believe in these things without swaying.

I believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. Keep living the ‘You’ way!


Much Love!

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18 Motivational quotes 

Hello everyone! It’s Motivation-Monday So I’m publishing ’18 motivational quotes’ for Day 2 of the project.

We all need ‘Monday Motivation’

Most people usually get too depressed,lazy,angry,inactive and a whole lot because of the ‘Monday pressure ‘

Read and share to someone you want to have a beautiful Monday and a lovely week! 

God bless you! 

Thanks for reading! 

Kudos for motivating yourself! 

Have a beautiful week!

18 Ways To Live A Godly Life

Yaaaay!!! So… I decided to begin my Birthday Project by publishing  ‘18 ways to live a godly life’ on this beautiful Sunday and first day of the week.

It’s really not only about going to church and Fellowshipping with the brethren, there are other ways to enhance Godly living and live the way God wants you to. These 18 things were inspired from the Spirit and not just personal inspirations. The ultimate goal of every Christian is to make heaven at last. It’s one thing to know God and another to live a Godly life. Aspire to live a Godly life and grow as well. These ‘18 ways to live a Godly life’ should guide you. God bless you! 

 1. Grow in the word daily: Study and meditate on the word of God deeply. Do not read it like a newsletter but like a mystery you’re trying to unravel. Let it become a part of you. Let it be your Outbreathing. For our physical bodies – we get hungry, we eat and we grow. For our spiritual bodies, hungry or not, eat to grow. Stir up the hunger- you need to be hungry for the word so when you take it in, it would activate every fiber of your being and make you soar in other areas of your life. 2 Peter 3:18 Ephesians 3:17-19. 1 Peter 2:2 Colossians 3:16
2. Make prayer a habit : Do not only pray when you feel like, because most times you wouldn’t feel like praying. Challenges and situations might weigh you down and make you too depressed to pray, cloud your mind and leave you without hope but it should be in such times you should GUAP- Get Up And Pray. Do not negotiate your prayer times. Pray daily and everywhere. When Prayer becomes a habit, you would have inextricable miracles. Mark 11:24 2 Chronicles 7:14. 1 Chronicles 6:11

3. Do what the word of God says: Joshua 1:8 tells us how we can live a life of prosperity and good success when we observe to do according to all that is in the word of God. As the constitution is the book of laws,rules etc for citizens of a country, so is the Word of God for Christians. To live a Godly life, you must live according to God’s word and do what it says in order to live a life of endless testimonies. Every thing we need to survive and soar in this ungodly world is in the word of God. 

4. Vitalize your spirit: Aim to grow Vigourously in your spirit.  The same way we exercise regularly and take supplements for our physical body for strength and energy, should be the same way we should strengthen our spiritual body. Exercise your spiritual body to make it more lively and Vigourous.

5. Have constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit: Make the Holy Spirit your Life partner and your best friend. Fellowship with Him daily and at all times. Create a strong bond with the Holy Spirit until you can feel His breath on your skin and His presence everywhere. He would teach you all you need to know and direct you on what to do, how and where to do them. He would unravel Heavenly mysteries to you and insights that would propel you to the highest level of your life. John 14:26 1 Corinthians 3:9

6. Flee from every sign of carnal temptation: There would be temptations, yes there would be- the word of God tells us so- because we live in the world though we’re not of the world. Temptations would come in different forms, shapes and sizes but we have the ability to flee and overcome temptations. Do not allow the signs to reveal themselves in a real form because it might be too late then. Flee from every sign – faint or clear. James 1:13-15

7. Give no room to the devil: The devil would always try to find a place to settle in your heart through your mind- the things you see, the things you hear, the information you receive e.t.c. Do not participate in things that would be channels for the devil to pass through and take a stand, rebuke and resist him. 

8. Pray in the spirit all the time: pray without ceasing and pray without season. Wherever you find yourself and at whatever time it might be- it’s okay and perfect to pray. Do not be too Busy or Lazy to Pray. Edify yourself and be more sensitive to spiritual things by constantly praying in the spirit. Ephesians 6:18

9. Be spiritually minded and not carnally minded: Place your mind on things above and not on things below. “Man is a Spiritual being”. Focus more on Heavenly things than on earthly things. Trash the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life and have a burning lust for heaven. 

10. Surround yourself with Godly people: The people in your life can affect you positively or negatively. Be around people that would help you grow Spiritually, mentally and in other areas of your life.The people in your life matter, have people in your life that would motivate you to do things for the gospel, achieve your goals and become a better person. Make sure that the people you surround yourself with can put you back on track with God if you ever slip. 1 Corinthians 5:13 Proverbs 18:24 Proverbs 22:24-25

11. Guard your heart with the word of God: In the world there are ungodly people and there are a lot of ungodly practices. Most times we would have people come around us to poison our hearts and make us sway from our beliefs but when our hearts are properly guarded, nothing that is ungodly would be able to take a hold of us. Guarding your heart with the word of God is key to living a Godly life. 

13. Say Daily positive confessions according to God’s promises : The tongue is a very powerful organ and it plays an important role in charting the course of our life. In good or bad times, speak positively. There are great confessions we can find in the bible that can help us in our daily lives and where we are headed. 

14. Constantly renew your mind with the word of God: As the days go by and God constantly fills them with blessings, love, grace, miracles etc so does the devil try to contaminate the whole atmosphere with doses of his evil seeds to make us fall short of the glory of God. Renewing our minds through the word of God would remind us of God’s promises,plans and purposes for our life and would make us stay on the word of God ,do the right things and live the right way. Romans 12:12

15. Stick to the word of God without doubt: Do not dwell on unbelief. Do not stagger in faith. If you believe what the word of God says, you would receive all the blessings in it. Do not look for other alternatives. Put all your trust in God’s promises ecause He who promised is faithful. Thessalonians 2:13 1 Timothy 4:10 Hebrews 11:1

16. Put God first in every thing you do: Give him the first part of your day, He should be the first reason you’re doing anything and not for selfish reasons, if you want to begin a project, talk to him about him first, if you want to embark on any journey, think if it’s gonna go according to his wish… Whatever you want to do and however you want to do them, put God first, not only would you be acknowledging him, you would also get the best results and uncountable blessings. 

17. Make soul winning a habit: Winning souls for the kingdom refuels your passion for the spreading of the gospel. It’s the Great Commission and It’s what we’ve been mandated to do. It increases your treasures in heaven and on earth. Be an ardent soul-winner. Winning souls for the kingdom enhances your Godly life and makes room for you to give someone the golden opportunity of living a Godly life. Matthew 28:19-20 . Matthew 5:14-16

18. Read Christian materials and listen to teachings: Christian Books, audio messages, podcasts, television shows, songs etc would enhance Godly living. Listen to teachings from the word of God and share to others also. Sing songs in your heart, make merry and give thanks in your spirit. Colossians 3:16. 2 Timothy 3:16

God bless you for reading!!!

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Project 18

Finally It’s out- The list of the things I want to do before 13th June. 

The publishing is a bit late ’cause I had to be sure of everything – though I’m still in the process. 

Yes I’m turning 18 🙂 

18 but Mentally ten years ahead and older

So…  The ‘Minor’ tag would finally be removed. I’d finally get my Passport after 3 weeks of delay – Sitting, queuing,worrying,not eating, vexing and feeling the sun throw stunts on my skin ’cause of the minor issue! 

I’d have a proper bank account! So close to getting out of the ‘teen’ age and finally be able to publicly speak to teenagers without them saying I’m too ‘teeny’ (like I’m in their age grade and I lack experience to motivate them 😑 even though I still go ahead and have them end up questioning my age (all glory to God) ) I’d also be able to participate in the writing competition I’ve been looking forward to and a whole lot more!!! 
So… The army of three (I, Jesus and God 🙂 ) decided that I’d do these 18 things before my 18th birthday to inspire, enlighten,motivate and bless you… Plus, there’d be a major one as the topping (won’t be aired until one fine day in june) 
Sorry the picture looks a bit blurry here, I dunno why though…and the list was arranged in no particular order. (Numbers 11 and 12, the word is -> A-Z )
I decided to take my mind off being the one to receive this year and I decided to focus more on giving – Time, energy, knowledge…and every possible thing I can give from within. 
All I ask for my birthday is your support… – Like, comment, appreciate,share the posts – the ones that appeal to you and the ones you feel would help someone within your reach. 
Every thing I’ve pre-written – the titles, the contents,  the purpose were all inspirations from the Spirit and not just from my reservoir of knowledge – even the communications with people were directions from the Spirit. 
“Each gives what each has to give”

I can’t promise to give everyone a share of my birthday cake (if there’s gonna be any) 

Or to throw a party and send IVs to y’all…But I’m promising to give what I have. I hope the words would make sense to you. I hope they’d motivate you to do something. I hope they’d inspire you. 
Please Support the ‘Project 18’ in any possible way you can. Do this for the world, do this for you, do this for me. 
Thank you!!
Much love

Don’t Roll The Bad Dice Twice

Once, I sat next to a girl somewhere and with tears in her eyes she said to me “I don’t know why everyone around me is better than I am” I just smiled lowly and said ” It’s because you think so” few minutes later, She said again ” I think I should stay on my own, I don’t need friends” and I told her ”you need people around you”. I didn’t say so much because of where we were at that time, not until she said ” I think I’d start wearing make up, I’d  make my hair, look for money to get good clothes, get a phone, so I’d get noticed by people because right now, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me” she said all these with so much sadness on her face and the tears in her eyes were so close to dropping.

This part got to me. I wondered how all that could make her better. Prior to that time, she’s been talking about how tired she is of life, how nothing ever works for her, how people hate her and how she’s never had anything good. 

I could understand her pain but I still couldn’t say much and it left me pondering. I thought ‘ What if she decides to do something crazy like ‘suicide’ what category of people does she want to ‘notice her’ and for what reason?

All I could do was give her words of encouragement and from her reactions, I guessed they really got to her and she said ‘ you’re the only one that really understands, I like you because you do not allow things discourage you’  and all I did was smile. Throughout, I noticed she felt better. 

After that time, when I got home I got to understand that the reason I got to sit next to her was because God wanted me to talk to her – God is an extraordinary strategist… and so I thought ‘What if I didn’t? What if I was irritated by her pessimism? What was she planning to do? What would she have done?  Depression and vain thoughts could lead to suicide or engagement in a life-threatening activity. I was just glad she felt more positive at the end. 

At different times in our lives, we get to meet people who need our support. Most times we feel that since we do not have enough money to give, we can’t be of help. We forget that there’s mental support. Just one minute spent encouraging someone could turn things around for the person. One thing I’ve come to know is that wherever I find myself and whatever happens to me is for a reason, not by mistake or chance because my steps are ordered. If I’m not in a place to be favoured, then it means there’s someone that needs a favour from me and that’s why I’m in that particular place. 

Apart from the fact that i got reminded that nothing happens by chance, the fact that she was able to express how she felt, also got to me because many people go through a whole lot but keep it to themselves and die inside, they become weak in one part of their life and it affects the others. Though most times it’s because most people do not care about important talk and they’ll break you down with their words but I believe we all have at least a person we can talk to – A trusted friend, neighbour, parents, relatives, Pastor etc and if there’s none at all, we should stick to God and do what Phil 4:8 Says. 

Most times, during situations like this we do not think straight and we need people to put us in place. I remember once, I was almost getting depressed because of a whole lot of things, I forgot one of my favourite Bible verses ‘Philippians 4:8’ until one of my friends reminded me of it and asked me to meditate on it. 

I could go on and on writing about this but no, i’d just highlight the things I got to learn from that day

  1. Learn to say how you feel. If you know you’re going through a situation that could break you, get someone to help you fill in the cracks and put you on track. 
  2. Nothing happens by chance. Particularly for those that believe in God, wherever you find yourself, there’s a reason you’re there. That’s why it’s important to ask the Holy Spirit to direct your path each day. 
  3. Give advice when necessary, don’t roll the bad dice twice. Don’t hold back any form of encouragement. Be glad to cause a positive change in someone’s life. 
  4. Surround yourself with Godly people who would be there when you need them. There’d be some days when ‘alone’ Would never be enough. In as much as we try to be lone riders, we all need people or someone at least -and really great ones! 

You must be willing to accept change so it doesn’t slip off your fingers while you’re still contemplating if it’s good enough
I hope this post has gotten to you in a positive way because I believe we learn from ‘ everyday situations ‘


The Chase -Purpose, goals, dreams, visions

Totallyedidiong faith believe dreams success hope God

This is one of the write-ups I Love 

I felt so much relief and there was great joy in my heart after sharing this post in the Writing community

It’s definitely how I felt. I felt I had so much to give but too few people to receive. My biggest challenge was how to find the right place at the right time and the right people as well. It made my head ache so much and I was drowning in fear that I was wasting time by keeping quiet and allowing my visions lay low. 

Like… I say to myself

I want to be a creative writer, spoken Word artist, poet, motivational speaker, humanitarian – I want to help those kids on the street know their God-given purpose and walk towards accomplishing them, be in the fashion industry   – ’cause I love designing and crafts, I want to train my voice – to minister to people, dance because I love to, make-up artistry, Hair dressing, All these and lots more, I was so confused because I have the ability to do all of these, yes I do them and I’m passion-driven but I didn’t know how to do all these all by myself… I mean this is not even all and the issue is my heart gets troubled each time I think of letting anyone go because I remember the Parable that’s in that line. 

I asked the HolySpirit To Help me because I didn’t bless myself with all these, God did. 

And then…. He opened my eyes to my purpose on earth but that’s a post for another day. 

We all have a purpose on earth and we would achieve them through our God-given talents and gifts. Nothing should limit you – What people would say, time or money. God that has blessed you would provide for you and create massive opportunities for you.

Just get ready, be prepared. Don’t let anybody tell you that ‘you can’t’ – that’s a lie. If you have a dream, work towards it. 

Those people that talked you down, the ones that refused to help you, the times you were neglected, the times you felt lonely because all you friends deserted you ’cause they felt you got too serious and “serious is boring’, the time you didn’t get that job because it would’ve contradicted your purpose on earth, the time you fell and had to painfully dust yourself up , the time you felt embarrassed because you were pleading to be part of a Musical show to minister to the world but they felt you weren’t good enough, the time your friends got the job before you ’cause you didn’t have money to go for the interview on time but they had cars, the time they refused your proposal because they felt you had no recommendation from the well-known people in the society, the nights when all you could do was cry… 

Shake them off, they would be part of your testimonies and they would cause you to give hope to millions who feel that challenges only come to ‘break us’

You were made to soar. 

Put God first. If you’ve not discovered your purpose, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, get closer to him and He will reveal it to you. 

Live a purpose-driven life. 

God loves you and the world is waiting to receive you. 


The Mirakee Blue Challenge 

This post is from the mirakee community on the Mirakee blue challenge

Note: This is not a past event. Totally imaginary.

I didn’t even plan to be part of the challenge cause the only thing I could think of was ‘Blue sky, R&B – Rhythm and blues, blue eyes, blue Christmas, blue nights’  but line by line I began to turn them into something fit for the challenge.

Yes I write about romance too.We can’t deny that someday at least when we get married we would engage in it, except we get married to bricks or stones. 

Though this particular post is a bit conflicting

I do not have a particular area of concentration when it comes to writing like Faith, Virtues, Music, Addictions, Racism etc because we live in a world with so many people doing different things, seeking answers from everywhere, having different beliefs and walking different paths. 


Much Love


What All Humans Need to Know




There is far more to your inner life than the food you put in your stomach, more to your outer appearance than the clothes you hang on your body (Luke 12:23 MSG).
Life has much deeper fulfilments than money, material things, and earthly pleasures. Some people have amassed so much wealth and abundant material possessions, yet they aren’t fulfilled. Some think that by acquiring more money and properties, making more friends, having more children or getting more famous, they’ll finally become fulfilled, but they’ve realized it’s not so. True fulfilment is in discovering your divine purpose; God’s will for you in Christ, and accomplishing it.

Jesus said, “…My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work” (John 4:34). That should be your goal, your joy, your fulfilment and satisfaction. You need to realise that man is a spirit being; therefore, the most important things in his life are spiritual. His fulfilment will come from his spirit as he fulfils God’s purpose. There’s a divine purpose for your life, which you must discover and achieve, for you to be truly fulfilled in life.

Have you asked yourself, “What does God really want for my life?” When you discover His dream for you, be glad about it, and go for it, and you’ll be fulfilled. Not everybody may be excited about what God has called them to do, but if you’re spiritually minded, you’ll be. Be determined to please Him in all things, and He’ll fill your heart with joy.
As you study the Word, fellowship with the Holy Spirit and function in the church, you’ll discover your specific purpose in Him, and how exactly He wants you to live. That way, life would be more meaningful to you and you’d be able to help others discover their purpose in life, and experience true fulfilment.

Dear Father, thank you for my true fulfilment, which lies in doing your will. You’re at work in me, to will and to do your good pleasure. Thank you for guiding me by your Spirit in the direction of your perfect will. My promotion, prosperity, victories, and joy are guaranteed as I fulfil my purpose in you, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.  

By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

After reading this devotional today, I decided to post it here. I feel many people do not know this truth while some are just ignorant. We all have a purpose here on earth. No one is empty. We were made to live a purposedriven life. The man you see living on the streets has a purpose. The girl sleeping under the bridge has a purpose. The multimillionaire woman has a purpose. God didn’t select people to set on this ‘purpose‘ course. Big or small, male or female, rich or poor, we all have that ‘divine purpose‘ it’s up to us to discover and accomplish. Your current status should not limit you. Find out what it is God has called you to do through prayer and meditation. Refuse to live an empty life.  We’ve been made to give and to bless. We all have something in our hearts and in our minds. 

You might have not known this or you’ve been ignorant about this for a while. This is the reawakening. Now is the set time. Get up,discover,accomplish.

The WaterWalker community 

​The WaterWalker community – Name gotten from the event that took place in the Bible “The story of Jesus walking on water’ Note – There was a serious storm, the turbulence was so strong that even the disciples were so terrified that when they saw Jesus coming, they couldn’t believe it was a living being,they had to guess it was a ghost cause they didn’t imagine any living being could walk on water. ‘walk on water’? Like seriously? Who are you? Not even  a stream, – a sea, and a troubled one for that matter! And Jesus did not just do ordinary walking to show off…he would have used a boat to sail across but he wanted to let them know that the power is within them and they have power over whatever life tries to throw at them. He would have swam as well… Which would have given him the title of ‘the greatest swimmer that has ever walked on the face of the earth’ and a resounding applause…  But he walked… Something extraordinary! Peter also walked because he fixed his gaze on Jesus, and when he tried to fix his gaze on the troubled water he began to sink. Fix your gaze on Jesus Christ as a Waterwalker!

This event can be likened to what the present-day humans face in different aspects of their life. Life will always present troubled waters, would you Walk or Sink?  Troubled waters- Losses, depression, illnesses, delay, present-day situations such as- victims of various kind of abuses – rape, molestation…others such as worry, fear, lack, societal ignorance, addictions etc… A whole lot! Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, intentional or unintentionally… 

Whichever way… These things happen and are still happening. Most of us have been victorious in these situations that make others wallow in defeat daily and on a search to find a better life or even end their life. 

We all have something to give. Your thoughts, ideas, advice would inspire, motivate and give hope to millions out there that do not know what to do and are at the verge of losing themselves to their challenges.

Even though we fall sometimes, at least we know how to dust ourselves back up, but some do not. 

Join me to give hope to millions through this platform. 

Topics for discussion would be brought weekly and your expressions in the comment section would be posted on various social media platforms. Trust me you would give hope to somebody, I can testify of how someone’s social media story has changed my life. 

Rather make up the percentage that engage in irrelevant discussions. Give hope because it’s the course you’ve been set on to follow. 

Individuals would also be hosted to share their success stories and engage in discussions with us to enlighten us and give us a wider understanding and appreciation of the topics up for discussion.

Relevant topics like- Matters arising – Child Abuse, addictions, rape, depression, societal ignorance, death etc

Join the movement! Be a part of this!

Much Love

Coined from “The WaterWalker Community” facebook group description – for Giant minds!

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