The WaterWalker community 

​The WaterWalker community – Name gotten from the event that took place in the Bible “The story of Jesus walking on water’ Note – There was a serious storm, the turbulence was so strong that even the disciples were so terrified that when they saw Jesus coming, they couldn’t believe it was a living being,they had to guess it was a ghost cause they didn’t imagine any living being could walk on water. ‘walk on water’? Like seriously? Who are you? Not even  a stream, – a sea, and a troubled one for that matter! And Jesus did not just do ordinary walking to show off…he would have used a boat to sail across but he wanted to let them know that the power is within them and they have power over whatever life tries to throw at them. He would have swam as well… Which would have given him the title of ‘the greatest swimmer that has ever walked on the face of the earth’ and a resounding applause…  But he walked… Something extraordinary! Peter also walked because he fixed his gaze on Jesus, and when he tried to fix his gaze on the troubled water he began to sink. Fix your gaze on Jesus Christ as a Waterwalker!

This event can be likened to what the present-day humans face in different aspects of their life. Life will always present troubled waters, would you Walk or Sink?  Troubled waters- Losses, depression, illnesses, delay, present-day situations such as- victims of various kind of abuses – rape, molestation…others such as worry, fear, lack, societal ignorance, addictions etc… A whole lot! Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, intentional or unintentionally… 

Whichever way… These things happen and are still happening. Most of us have been victorious in these situations that make others wallow in defeat daily and on a search to find a better life or even end their life. 

We all have something to give. Your thoughts, ideas, advice would inspire, motivate and give hope to millions out there that do not know what to do and are at the verge of losing themselves to their challenges.

Even though we fall sometimes, at least we know how to dust ourselves back up, but some do not. 

Join me to give hope to millions through this platform. 

Topics for discussion would be brought weekly and your expressions in the comment section would be posted on various social media platforms. Trust me you would give hope to somebody, I can testify of how someone’s social media story has changed my life. 

Rather make up the percentage that engage in irrelevant discussions. Give hope because it’s the course you’ve been set on to follow. 

Individuals would also be hosted to share their success stories and engage in discussions with us to enlighten us and give us a wider understanding and appreciation of the topics up for discussion.

Relevant topics like- Matters arising – Child Abuse, addictions, rape, depression, societal ignorance, death etc

Join the movement! Be a part of this!

Much Love

Coined from “The WaterWalker Community” facebook group description – for Giant minds!


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