The Chase -Purpose, goals, dreams, visions

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This is one of the write-ups I Love 

I felt so much relief and there was great joy in my heart after sharing this post in the Writing community

It’s definitely how I felt. I felt I had so much to give but too few people to receive. My biggest challenge was how to find the right place at the right time and the right people as well. It made my head ache so much and I was drowning in fear that I was wasting time by keeping quiet and allowing my visions lay low. 

Like… I say to myself

I want to be a creative writer, spoken Word artist, poet, motivational speaker, humanitarian – I want to help those kids on the street know their God-given purpose and walk towards accomplishing them, be in the fashion industry   – ’cause I love designing and crafts, I want to train my voice – to minister to people, dance because I love to, make-up artistry, Hair dressing, All these and lots more, I was so confused because I have the ability to do all of these, yes I do them and I’m passion-driven but I didn’t know how to do all these all by myself… I mean this is not even all and the issue is my heart gets troubled each time I think of letting anyone go because I remember the Parable that’s in that line. 

I asked the HolySpirit To Help me because I didn’t bless myself with all these, God did. 

And then…. He opened my eyes to my purpose on earth but that’s a post for another day. 

We all have a purpose on earth and we would achieve them through our God-given talents and gifts. Nothing should limit you – What people would say, time or money. God that has blessed you would provide for you and create massive opportunities for you.

Just get ready, be prepared. Don’t let anybody tell you that ‘you can’t’ – that’s a lie. If you have a dream, work towards it. 

Those people that talked you down, the ones that refused to help you, the times you were neglected, the times you felt lonely because all you friends deserted you ’cause they felt you got too serious and “serious is boring’, the time you didn’t get that job because it would’ve contradicted your purpose on earth, the time you fell and had to painfully dust yourself up , the time you felt embarrassed because you were pleading to be part of a Musical show to minister to the world but they felt you weren’t good enough, the time your friends got the job before you ’cause you didn’t have money to go for the interview on time but they had cars, the time they refused your proposal because they felt you had no recommendation from the well-known people in the society, the nights when all you could do was cry… 

Shake them off, they would be part of your testimonies and they would cause you to give hope to millions who feel that challenges only come to ‘break us’

You were made to soar. 

Put God first. If you’ve not discovered your purpose, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, get closer to him and He will reveal it to you. 

Live a purpose-driven life. 

God loves you and the world is waiting to receive you. 



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