Don’t Roll The Bad Dice Twice

Once, I sat next to a girl somewhere and with tears in her eyes she said to me “I don’t know why everyone around me is better than I am” I just smiled lowly and said ” It’s because you think so” few minutes later, She said again ” I think I should stay on my own, I don’t need friends” and I told her ”you need people around you”. I didn’t say so much because of where we were at that time, not until she said ” I think I’d start wearing make up, I’d  make my hair, look for money to get good clothes, get a phone, so I’d get noticed by people because right now, I really don’t know what’s wrong with me” she said all these with so much sadness on her face and the tears in her eyes were so close to dropping.

This part got to me. I wondered how all that could make her better. Prior to that time, she’s been talking about how tired she is of life, how nothing ever works for her, how people hate her and how she’s never had anything good. 

I could understand her pain but I still couldn’t say much and it left me pondering. I thought ‘ What if she decides to do something crazy like ‘suicide’ what category of people does she want to ‘notice her’ and for what reason?

All I could do was give her words of encouragement and from her reactions, I guessed they really got to her and she said ‘ you’re the only one that really understands, I like you because you do not allow things discourage you’  and all I did was smile. Throughout, I noticed she felt better. 

After that time, when I got home I got to understand that the reason I got to sit next to her was because God wanted me to talk to her – God is an extraordinary strategist… and so I thought ‘What if I didn’t? What if I was irritated by her pessimism? What was she planning to do? What would she have done?  Depression and vain thoughts could lead to suicide or engagement in a life-threatening activity. I was just glad she felt more positive at the end. 

At different times in our lives, we get to meet people who need our support. Most times we feel that since we do not have enough money to give, we can’t be of help. We forget that there’s mental support. Just one minute spent encouraging someone could turn things around for the person. One thing I’ve come to know is that wherever I find myself and whatever happens to me is for a reason, not by mistake or chance because my steps are ordered. If I’m not in a place to be favoured, then it means there’s someone that needs a favour from me and that’s why I’m in that particular place. 

Apart from the fact that i got reminded that nothing happens by chance, the fact that she was able to express how she felt, also got to me because many people go through a whole lot but keep it to themselves and die inside, they become weak in one part of their life and it affects the others. Though most times it’s because most people do not care about important talk and they’ll break you down with their words but I believe we all have at least a person we can talk to – A trusted friend, neighbour, parents, relatives, Pastor etc and if there’s none at all, we should stick to God and do what Phil 4:8 Says. 

Most times, during situations like this we do not think straight and we need people to put us in place. I remember once, I was almost getting depressed because of a whole lot of things, I forgot one of my favourite Bible verses ‘Philippians 4:8’ until one of my friends reminded me of it and asked me to meditate on it. 

I could go on and on writing about this but no, i’d just highlight the things I got to learn from that day

  1. Learn to say how you feel. If you know you’re going through a situation that could break you, get someone to help you fill in the cracks and put you on track. 
  2. Nothing happens by chance. Particularly for those that believe in God, wherever you find yourself, there’s a reason you’re there. That’s why it’s important to ask the Holy Spirit to direct your path each day. 
  3. Give advice when necessary, don’t roll the bad dice twice. Don’t hold back any form of encouragement. Be glad to cause a positive change in someone’s life. 
  4. Surround yourself with Godly people who would be there when you need them. There’d be some days when ‘alone’ Would never be enough. In as much as we try to be lone riders, we all need people or someone at least -and really great ones! 

You must be willing to accept change so it doesn’t slip off your fingers while you’re still contemplating if it’s good enough
I hope this post has gotten to you in a positive way because I believe we learn from ‘ everyday situations ‘



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