Project 18

Finally It’s out- The list of the things I want to do before 13th June. 

The publishing is a bit late ’cause I had to be sure of everything – though I’m still in the process. 

Yes I’m turning 18 🙂 

18 but Mentally ten years ahead and older

So…  The ‘Minor’ tag would finally be removed. I’d finally get my Passport after 3 weeks of delay – Sitting, queuing,worrying,not eating, vexing and feeling the sun throw stunts on my skin ’cause of the minor issue! 

I’d have a proper bank account! So close to getting out of the ‘teen’ age and finally be able to publicly speak to teenagers without them saying I’m too ‘teeny’ (like I’m in their age grade and I lack experience to motivate them 😑 even though I still go ahead and have them end up questioning my age (all glory to God) ) I’d also be able to participate in the writing competition I’ve been looking forward to and a whole lot more!!! 
So… The army of three (I, Jesus and God 🙂 ) decided that I’d do these 18 things before my 18th birthday to inspire, enlighten,motivate and bless you… Plus, there’d be a major one as the topping (won’t be aired until one fine day in june) 
Sorry the picture looks a bit blurry here, I dunno why though…and the list was arranged in no particular order. (Numbers 11 and 12, the word is -> A-Z )
I decided to take my mind off being the one to receive this year and I decided to focus more on giving – Time, energy, knowledge…and every possible thing I can give from within. 
All I ask for my birthday is your support… – Like, comment, appreciate,share the posts – the ones that appeal to you and the ones you feel would help someone within your reach. 
Every thing I’ve pre-written – the titles, the contents,  the purpose were all inspirations from the Spirit and not just from my reservoir of knowledge – even the communications with people were directions from the Spirit. 
“Each gives what each has to give”

I can’t promise to give everyone a share of my birthday cake (if there’s gonna be any) 

Or to throw a party and send IVs to y’all…But I’m promising to give what I have. I hope the words would make sense to you. I hope they’d motivate you to do something. I hope they’d inspire you. 
Please Support the ‘Project 18’ in any possible way you can. Do this for the world, do this for you, do this for me. 
Thank you!!
Much love


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