​Like my favourite noodle company would put it ‘you like no other’ and some Africans would say ‘after you na you’. You are different, special and unique in your own way. Yes you have flaws but you’re still fabulous. Don’t let anyone or anything make you believe that you’re nothing and you’re empty inside. There’s so much about you that you need to know and keep in mind. Yes there would be times when people would tell you that you’re ‘good for nothing’ ’empty’ ‘worthless’ etc. Don’t let those words stay in your mind cause they are not you and you are not them.  You’re God’s own purchased special person. You weren’t made as a mistake because God doesn’t make mistakes. You were specially made by God. I’m going to tell you 18 beautiful things about you that you need to know or you need to be reminded of.



1. You Are Special 



You’re not just any kind of person. You’re ‘you’ and not someone else. You’re unique and rare.



2. You Are gifted


You weren’t brought into this world as an empty person. You’ve been endowed with so much. There are a lot of things you have that others do not have. You’ve been stuffed with so much abilities and talents. You have so much to give.



3. You Are powerful 


The things that you are made of, the things you’re capable of, the things you do, make you powerful. Your are powerful mentally, spiritually, financially and in other areas of your life. The words you speak are full of power and you have the ability to cause changes because of the power inside of you. Nothing can hold you down except you give it a chance. You have all the power you need to do anything. 



4. You Are Light


Your presence makes darkness hide. You’re light because what you have inside of you is so much and all you can do is shine brightly with them. It’s your duty to shine because you’re light. You can’t stay in the dark because it’s not you. You’re ‘you’ when you shine.



5. You Are Amazing


The things you do and the way you do them, the words you speak and the way you say them, are a wonder. No one can do the things you do like you. 



6.  You Are The Best 


Don’t ever believe that in the midst of people, you’re the least. If you’re among great people, you’re the greatest. If you’re among wise people, you’re the wisest, if you’re among creative people, you’re the most creative. What others can do, you can do better. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by other people’s abilities and successes. Train yourself to do better everyday. You’re in competition with no one but yourself. ‘ If you believe you are, then you are’. 



7. You Are Royalty


Treat yourself like a royal because you’re royal. Treat yourself with worth and value. Don’t do things that would put a drop in your significance. You’re not a mediocre. You’re not a peasant. You’re a king/queen, treat yourself like one. 




8. You Are precious 


You’re more precious than Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones on earth. You’re greatly valued and you’re full of so much admirable qualities.



9. You Can Do Anything 


You only stop achieving  when you say ‘you cannot’ . You can take up any course, go into any field, be what you want to be when you believe that you ‘can’ . You have the power to ‘Do’. There’s nothing too hard, no stone to hard to crush, nothing too big that you can’t do. You can make everything workout. You can do anything and everything.



10. You Are What The World Needs


There’s a world at your fingertips and you’ve got the power to take it. You’re the solution to the world’s cry. The world needs you because you have so much inside of you. You’re not in this world as a statue, you’re in it to do mighty things. You’re everything the world needs to be a better place. You’re the answer to the cry of many. The world needs you. 



11. You Can’t Be Stopped


We’ve all been set on a course that we must follow and once we begin the course, there ain’t no stopping us. Once you set out to do what you’ve been called to do, don’t be scared because nothing can stop you. Whatever is holding you back is only temporary. Get back on your feet because stopping is not an option and it’s not something that can happen to you. 



12. You Are A Fighter


You’re a fighter because you can hold on to anything. You’re not a fighter with guns, you’re a fighter with determination and focus. Allow the good to keep you going. Pay no attention to all the fiery darts that life keeps throwing at you. Fight the fight and never give up. 



13. You Are Strong

You have the strength that is greater than average and you can’t be defeated by anything. You’re firm, sure and stable. You cannot be tampered with, because you were made solidly. Nothing can bring you down. You’re immune to defeat. You’re great and higher than average. 



14. You Are Extraordinary 


You’re exceptional and far from ordinary. You’re not on a normal level. The things you do and your abilities  are remarkable and beyond human comprehension. You’re rare and above usual. 



15. You Are A Multitude 

Like my friend – Talle, would say – ‘ I’m a multitude and not an individual ‘ simply because he has the ability of more than one person and he can do what several persons combined, can do. You’re like 7 persons in 1 . You have the strength, wisdom, knowledge and power of several other persons. You’re too gifted to be called ‘a person’. You’re so heavenly mighty! 



16. You Are Full Of Potential


There’s so much you can do and you know that. You can produce something out of nothing and make anything look good. There’s so much inside of you that needs to be discovered and brought to reality because you’re rich and you’re powerful beyond measure.



17. You Are An Empire


Yes and oh yes, you’re an empire. You’re not just anything and your body is not just any building. You’re an empire that was built out of greatness and authority birthed from a supreme kind of uniqueness. Know this and keep being this. 



18. You’re The Last Of Your Kind

There’ won’t be anybody made after you that can do the things you do the way you do them or even live like you. After you, there’s no one else. Live like you’re the only one that has what to give. Live like you’re the only one that can do what you do. There’s no one as great and powerful as you are. Let the world know that it needs just you and no one else. If you’ve been called to inspire, do well to inspire, if  you’ve been called to impact knowledge, go ahead and do it. Whatever you have to do, do it, because only you can and there won’t be anyone else like you!



Just in case at any point in your life,  you forgot who you really are… I hope you remember now. You’re all these and more. What’s required of you is to believe in these things without swaying.

I believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. Keep living the ‘You’ way!


Much Love!

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Photo Credit: Orlevlove.co.il


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