Come-back Lessons 

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. Well, ink hasn’t spilled during the last few days…but a lot has been happening… There’s so much to share. 

I learnt a lot today… 

Things happen for a reason, nothing happens by chance. Sometimes the refining fire has to intentionally hurt us with deep burns to make us consciously aware that we’re actually passing through fire to be refined – when we get a little too comfortable. 

 You need to fight for what you want. Anything good is worth keeping. When you truly love something or someone, challenges and trials would come to make you dare to let go but the chance of you holding on, depends on how much you value what you have.

Sometimes we need to consciously remind ourselves that we have love to give. Search our inner beings and find love to give even when it seems like its the last- it’s in giving that we experience multiplication 

Edidiong Imeh (27/04/17)

Totally Edidiong 


H. O. P. E

Hope against hope. 

Faith will always shield you from the fiery darts of challenges. 

Challenges only come to make us tougher and stronger. Never view them as situations that would bring you down. See them as climbing stones to greater heights. They only come so you could have testimonies. 

God would never let you go through challenges that are bigger than you. You have the ability to overcome them. It’s up to you to say ‘yes I can! ‘ and move forward without worrying about how big the challenges may seem. 

I am a very true example of survival. Challenges only make me, they can never break me. 

Hope, have faith, believe. 

Diddywalker 16/03/17


There are a lot of sacrifices we need to make in life. Sometimes we need to give, give in or let go…but as much as you give, never give up. 

Sometimes we need to give our time to others or to ourselves. Sometimes we need to let go of things that would make the world at our finger tips slip away. 

Sacrifices are to be made to get the top. You must first learn to let go of thoughts,memories or people that would bring you down. So you’d be able to give to the world what’s in your hands

There are a lot of things I had to let go of because I decided to bless the world. 

I had to let go of some friends, pleasure of life, lust for life, negativity, lazying about, chatty chatty empty girl talk, focusing on outward beautification, guilty pleasures etc…  I decided to give in to christianity, the gospel, heaven, achievements, excellence, intelligence, brilliance, smartness, inward beauty etc 

I knew I  had to let go of some things before I could do what I came to do in this world because I’ve been set on a course that I must follow. God first, me second. 

I live in the world to give to the world. 

We all need to know this. 


As much as I’m giving I’m never giving up

Note to self: Allow negativity to go. When fear says you can’t faith will always scream you can. Give in to faith. Let go of fear.

What would you let go of today?

Memories Are Lamps

Our memories can make us and break us. Dwell on the good memories, let them make you want to do better things. Let the bad ones guide you to avoid repitition.


I always reminisce the amazing memories-good times with friends, laughs,gigs,surprises,long walks etc… Whenever they make me feel bad, I go back to my memory box, think on them and long for those feelings-they make me not want to lose my friends. They draw me back. They remind me of the amazing people in my life. 

The bad memories- when I’m about to go on those dark roads unknowingly, my mind clicks back to those memories- I know I’ve been there before… I become wiser, stronger and braver to go on those roads without them repeating themselves. 

Memories are like lamps. They guide us

Don’t let go of the memories. They would genie out your future. 

I’m not letting go of

‘Dear Diary’
by DiddyWalker, Dharm & Navya

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When Mr. Right Left 


She’s the Set-goals-for-life kinda girl

She’s got everything planned out from  college goals to relationship goals and all of them

Here‘s what  She found someone who matched her set ideals. She kept ticking them all as she kept seeing them in him like oh! Wow…  Fell in love and aimed for the aisle… 

But he was a totally different person

He felt she was too much of a meticulous person. He was all about life. He felt she was too good. He had to go, but couldn’t leave with the memories. They were still stuck in her head

Yes.  “Most times we let people take a space in our hearts because they match our ideals and that’s all that matters to us… But slowly slowly, they begin to drift away and zap!  They’re gone. ”

“Most times people match our ideals but we don’t match theirs. We’re either too much or too little, or there’s no spot for us at all. So they can’t get us, we can’t get them. ”

whichever way, when they leave all we’d be left with is memories. 

When love knocks you down, get back up

Heaven’s got a plan for you. What’s right would come when it’s right. 

Dearly Beloved, Be loved 


There’s this feeling she gets when she’s around someone- a special someone. She doesn’t know what it is. She’s never felt it before. She’s the Choleric Keep-your-head-in-the-game type.  

She thinks love is overrated. 

Fact is-She’s actually in love. 

Sue him?  Hell no!  That’s extreme

She’ll end up sending him to love imprisonment anyway, so… 

What You Should Know

When you don’t want to love but your heart doesn’t understand and you dunno what’s going on but it’s weird and unusual and you don’t wanna carry the feeling to the next second. Maybe you’ve been too confined to solitude. 

It’s okay to love someone or anything

Live, Love, Laugh 

Dearly Beloved, Be loved. 

The Big-Diddy Question 

Character– Me

This is to all those that try to bring me down. I’m not saying you’d be confined to prison walls in the real world. You’d just be behind bars-locked in the hollows of *not wanting to see me grow* by your mind

I won’t cast you, I’d still serve you with big chunks of my greatness and achievements 🙂

Rather than this, quit trying to be a barrier. Join me, let’s make the world a better place for you,me and the entire human race. 

Million Dollar Stare 👀

A close look would convince you. 

When you look into my eyes- I mean my inner eyes, you may or may not see love but you’d definitely see greatness. 

It’s what flows through my veins, it’s what my mind is always on about. 

Totally Edidiong


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